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We don't need reality

We're just here for the porn

Winlexiacs Untie
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Have you ever sat at your computer, happily reading Wincest fic, and slowly began to get a niggling feeling that something is wrong? There aren't any demons, and Sam and Dean seem to be hanging out in trailers.

And then you realise it.

You're reading J2. And you didn't even notice.

Hey, we don't blame you. We do that all the time. Sometimes we even say "Dean" when we mean "Jensen". Yes, our grasp of reality is tenuous, but we don't mind. We're just here for the porn, anyway.


This community is a place for you to feed your Winlexia and post Sam/Jensen, Dean/Jared, Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen, Sam/Jared and any other pairings your cracked-out brains can create. There'll be a monthly challenge set, which you can participate in if you so wish.

There will also be a weekly rec post, where you can comment with the awesome J2 fic you read that turned out to be Wincest, and so on. I'll put the links up for everyone to enjoy. Or you can just comment about how oddly similar Sam is to Jared, and debate who would win in a bar fight.

Be friendly, no flaming or Sammybashing, and if you need anything contact me, immoralilly.