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18 September 2008 @ 10:03 am
Sittin' when the evenin' come, Jared/Dean, R  
Title: Sittin' when the evenin' come
Pairing: Jared/Dean
Rating: R
Summary: Based on nomelon's prompt in the Fall Fandom Free-For-All of "hot night, cold beer, Mariachi band, porch." 790 words.
Notes: I occasionally fantasize these weird AUs based on the djinn wishverse where Dean's a normal guy, and instead of a brother he has his BFF-since-middle-school Jared. By BFF of course I mean that they do manly things together and sometimes have sex.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is from The CW. This is a work of fiction.

The June night is warm out here on the dark porch. One light inside spills a square glow out through the windows, just enough for Dean to sorta see Jared's face. The soft breeze floats some bouncy Spanish song over from the house across the street. Dean's renting this place with another guy from the garage, but he wishes it was Jared instead.